Joint Practice is a new form of integrative bodywork treatments where two practitioners work with you instead of one, leading to a more powerful and dynamic experience.

We work with different disciplines; between us we have more than 45 years of practice in Alexander Technique, Craniosacral Therapy and Counselling. Our shared skills are in understanding how both body and mind react when over-burdened with the stresses of modern life. As well as addressing present and past experience, together we look at new ways of approaching the future.

We are intuitive and inspirational practitioners continually working to help our clients to bring about significant and lasting change. Past sessions have included creative visualisation, body mapping and guided meditations into mindfulness and the felt sense.

In addition to integrative bodywork, we present workshops, write books and organise events which reflect the collaborative nature of Joint Practice..

We charge £150 for a 1 ½ hour session.

All sessions take place in West London on Wednesdays.

Please contact us for further information.