• Why We Learn The Alexander Technique

    Learning the Alexander Technique with Daska Hatton


    I can do no better than to quote Patrick Macdonald:


    “The motives that lead people to learn the Alexander Technique are varied and often mixed.  The most common is a feeling of insufficiency or ill-health, which no other technique can alleviate.  Many come, quite simply, quite understandably and quite wrongly for a “cure”.  I say quite wrongly because I use the word “cure” here in its generally accepted sense.  A specific alleviation of a specific disability without reference to its cause is not what I call a real “cure” at all.  To effect a real cure, the underlying cause or causes of the symptom or symptoms must be removed.  We in the Alexander Technique profession prefer not to use the word “cure”.  We regard the individual as a pyscho-physical mechanism which is working either well or ill.  If it is working badly we expect that an improvement in its efficiency will reduce or improve the particular symptom complained of.  There are, of course, many other causes of ill-health besides mechanical inefficiency, and it is well for the seeker after health to look into them.  But I have found as Alexander found before me, that a faulty use of the body is present in most cases of illness and disease, and we have a long history of success in dealing with cases that have proved obdurate when treated with all manner of specific remedies.  Others come to the technique through an interest in making their bodies work more efficiently, some through a desire to remain young as long as possible and thus not to have to rely on others in the way so many of the elderly do.  Others come just to find out what it is all about.”


    Patrick Macdonald – The Alexander Technique – As I See It

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