• Stressful Words

    Stress – tightening – anxiety – insomnia – pain – lack of appetite – depression – digestive problems – migraines – collapse – heaviness – powerlessness – doctors – diet doctors – allergy doctors – psychotherapists – Prozac – disinterest in life – stagnation

    Alexander Technique – stopping – choice – space – stillness – release of tension – lightness – glimmer of hope – attention to detail – clarity – learning again – new ways to look after myself – awareness of self – awareness of own reactions – responsibility – new lease of life

    As you can see, there is very little about posture and reducing back pain although this is what we Alexander Technique teachers are famous for. It has been one of the most unexpected and exciting journeys of my life and it is ongoing – it gives me a sense of internal strength and an awareness that I can’t change the external situation, but I can begin to look at how I react.

    As one of my pupils said this week – just because my colleagues are annoying and making the wrong decisions doesn’t mean that my neck has to be stiff.

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