• Lying Down the Alexander Way Part II

    Alexander technique - Lying Down

    While Lying Down

    • Start to tune into the sensations of your body lying on the floor:
    1. .   What does your lower back feel like?
    2. .   What does your upper back feel like?
    3. .   Where is the weight distributed?
    4. .   Are you more aware of one area than another?
    5. .   Do both legs/feet/arms feel equally balanced?
    • Start a more detailed scan of your body noticing and releasing any tension, firstly the head:
    1. .   the muscles on the top of your head
    2. .   your forehead and the bridge of your nose
    3. .   the area around and beneath your ears where you jaw meets your skull
    4. .   your eyes, both around and behind them
    5. .   your nose and mouth
    6. .   Your tongue
    7. .   Your throat
    • The abdomen
    1. .   Can you allow the collar bones to gently release and move away from each other
    2. .   What do your shoulder blades feel like on the floor?
    3. .   Can you begin to notice or release the area between your shoulder blades
    4. .   Can you begin to notice or release your armpits, elbows, forearms and wrists
    5. .   Are you aware of your ribs gently raising and falling as you breathe
    6. .   Your pelvis is made up of 3 parts, the 2 iliac crests that we can feel and the bony sacrum at the base of the spine.  Notice what they feel like on the floor
    7. .   Are you aware of the 5 large lumbar vertebrae joining on to the sacrum which make up your lower back.  Let them rest on the table and just imagine the spaces between them.
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