• Depression, Anxiety and Craniosacral Therapy

    Depression, Anxiety and Craniosacral Therapy

    Depression or mental disorders have been in the news recently not only in the old debate about whether the root causes lie in our genes and brain chemistry or whether, instead they are to be found in our environments, but also as it appears that there is a rise in the number of people presenting

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  • How the Alexander Technique Saved My Life

    I didn’t come to the technique through any particular aches and pains, but rather because I was losing the plot completely. I was in my mid 30’s happily married and with 2 young children when I found myself struggling to get up in the mornings after being unable to sleep. I spent my nights in

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  • Unassailable Truths

    Unassailable Truths

    I recently came across the following sentence and it struck me that this is exactly what I discovered to be the benefits of working with the body through the disciplines of the Alexander Technique and Craniosacral Therapy. “ … to aim at (allowing us) to see an aspect of things which has never appeared to

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  • The Importance of Stillness

    The Importance of Stillness

    When was the last time you were still? Without stillness we are trapped within our habits, whether they are belief structures, physical habits or learnt emotional responses, about the way the world works and our place within it. It is the separation from these habitual reactions that we as Alexander Technique Teachers try to teach,

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